Charlie Chaplin Movies that needs to be watch

Charlie Chaplin Movies that needs to be watch

Today’s children no longer can easily watch the works made by a legend named Charlie Chaplin. Though many silent films are very interesting to watch. Charlie Chaplin had been very successful in his time, and until now his echo was still often heard. Because many other actors or films often raise and offend the Charlie Chaplin.

Charlie Chaplin himself is famous as an English actor, comedian, and film director who was involved in the film world from 1914 to 1967. Even since the beginning of his world debut movie Charlie Chaplin successfully captured the hearts of fans around the world and made him an idol. There have been many works that have been made by Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin himself appeared in 36 films for Keystone Studios, all of which were produced by Mack Sennet. All have one roll length except for films that have special notes.

What films have been made by Charlie Chaplin that are mandatory to watch?

1. Making a living
If you have ever seen an educational film titled Olives and Trees, this is one of the films released in a separate roll with the details of two films in one roll.

2. The Kid
This film was made in 1921. The film tells the story of a child who was banished by his parents but then a destiny made him found and cared for by Charlie Chaplin. They ended up together and passed many things together so that they became inseparable. Although the film The Kid has a very touching storyline, Chaplin still managed to incorporate the element of comedy very well.

3. The Gold Rush
Tells about the tramp who is looking for gold on a mountain. In this film Charlie Chaplin’s strength is very prominent by including many genius scenes that make us say that we miss every scene. Not to mention the element of humor that is so thick that you will not want to move from your seat and miss the slightest scene presented.

City Lights

4. City Lights
Known as the one of the best silent romantic film of all time. Created in 1931, it has the best storyline and ending of all time. How the Tramp’s effort in healing the girl’s eyes makes the heart of anyone watching this silent film melt without leaving a humorous element that remains extraordinary. The best rating obtained by City Lights ensures you to try one of the most glorious silent films of this era. It’s really Charlie Chaplin.

Several Act From Buster Keaton Movies That Become An Inspiration To The Modern Comedy
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Several Act From Buster Keaton Movies That Become An Inspiration To The Modern Comedy

Buster Keaton is a comedian who began his career during a period of silent comedy. This comedian was born with the real name Joseph Frank Keaton on October 4, 1895. He died in 1966 of lung cancer. Keaton is also known as a film director, producer, screenwriter, and substitute actor.

During his life, Keaton had starred in many films from the time of silent comedy. He also appeared on several television series shows in the 1950’s. As a comedian, Keaton is known to have a characteristic in every movement and scene he acts. The following are Keaton’s styles that have inspired many comedians.

Buster Keaton and its distinctive features as a comedian

Keaton is known to often experiment with parody scenes. One of his parodies was The Frozen North (1922), which was a satirical work by William S. Hart such as Hell’s Hinges (1916) and The Narrow Trail (1917). The audience in the 1920’s considered Keaton’s parody acting at that time to be very funny.

But Hart, as someone who is a parody, feels unhappy with Keaton. Especially in the crying scene. He never touched Keaton for 2 years after seeing the film. In 1921, Keaton played in the film The Playhouse and became a parody of Thomas H. Ince.

A film critic, David Thomson, describes Keaton’s comedy style as someone who believes nothing but mathematics and absurdity. Meanwhile commented that Keaton is a genius actor who can keep his face flat but can express what he feels. He has big eyes and through gazes, he can convey various kinds of emotions,

Ranging from longing to distrust, as well as confusion and sadness. The body language of Buster Keaton was also realized by Anthony Lane. In the film The General, he must do a climbing scene to the locomotive and lean gently forward. Keaton can do it very well and calmly.

Keaton not only survives because he already has a face owned by Mount Rushmore. He survived because the face was attached. Keaton has a vaudeville education background. The comedy he has is known to be funny, technically precise, and can be executed wisely. He also has surprising jokes and is often seen as a background piece and a visually stunning location.

All of Keaton’s scenes and movements in his films have become the inspiration for the world of modern comedy today. Keaton has been born as a legendary comedian who is undeniably always remembered by society. Even in the days after the silent film, Keaton was still liked and still starred in several films

Best Movie By Three Stooges That Need To Be Watch By Comedy Fans
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Best Movie By Three Stooges That Need To Be Watch By Comedy Fans

The Three Stooges is one of the most famous comedy groups from time immemorial and comes from the United States. After the release of one of its members and becoming three personnel, it was precisely the career of The Three Stooges that rose rapidly. The decision to explore and have character in each member made this comedy group more attractive to the audience and signed a contract with Columbia Pictures. His extraordinary fame made the Three Stooges group repeatedly sign contracts with Columbia Pictures president.

Unfortunately there is a very unpleasant experience that befell them. During their career journey and with the creation of comedy films from the Three Stooges that were not small, this group never once asked for a salary increase as a reward for their hard work. For decades receiving payments that are not different which sadly at the same time the studio continued to reap huge profits from the production and distribution of films made.

What films have been made by this prominent comedy group that you should watch during your free time?

  • Soup to Nuts
    In this film Moe Howrd, Larry Fine and Shemp Howard performed together with Ted Healy and were released by Fox Film Corporation. Unfortunately in 1932, two years later, one of their members, Shemp Howard, decided to leave the group and decided to do a solo career. The emptiness was later replaced by his brother named Curly Howard. As their first film, of course you must follow the storyline from this comedian group from the United States.
  • Hello Pop!
    It is the third film out of a total of five short films starring Ted Healy and His Stoogies. The film was later released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1993. The same place also released an all-time favorite cartoon titled Tom & Jerry. The story of the film tells the story of the struggle of a later theater producer who gets a little bit of a hindrance by a musician who wants something from him.
  • Dancing Lady
    Released in 1933 was a pre-code film from America which was also starred by Joan Crawford and Clark Gable. The story of this film has an outline regarding the debut of a dancer who then had to deal with a playboy named Tod Newton, played by Franchoot Tone. In this film you will see the action of the Three Stooges members. Even Larry Fine in this film plays the character as a pianist.
  • Hollywood Party
    The Three Stooges fame even reached the Hollywood scene and made a film. Don’t ask about the quality of the film.
Leslie Nielsen, Comedian and Actor With many Talents
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Leslie Nielsen, Comedian and Actor With many Talents

Since a long time ago many talents in the comedy field emerged. Bring various types of topics ranging from the ordinary to the offensive such as racist innuendo and politics. In England, there is a Charlie Chaplin who is intelligent and genius in creating humorous scenes in silent films. Then there is the extraordinary The Three Stooges from America, although their fairly rude nature in presenting comedy is equivalent to Lenny Bruce who often touches on vulgarity and religion and politics.

But there is one character that we cannot just miss. He is Leslie Nielsen. Full name Leslie William Nelsen was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada on February 11, 1926 and died at the age of 84 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. United States, November 28, 2010.

Leslie Nielsen is known as a comedian and actor who has Canadian citizenship and has won various awards, one of which is the famous Emmy Award. Already many of the films Nielsen starred has estimated at more than a hundred films, and a thousand and fifty television programs with the character of the two hundred that she has played. Becoming an extraordinary achievement.

The best known of Leslie Nielsen is her role as deadpan comic delivery in the film airplane! and the Naked Gun. Debuted to Forbidden Planet. Then began to climb when playing a character with an almost expressionless face named Dr. Shirley Rumack. In the mid 1950s Leslie moved to Hollywood where she began developing her abilities in the film world. At that time he could play in 50 films including a film titled Poorly-received Harlow (1965), The Plainsman (1966) and the Poseidon Adventure (1972)

In addition to the world of glorious films, Leslie Nielson also managed to stick his fangs in the world of comedians. He collaborated with several great colleagues such as Jerry and David Zucker and Jim Abraham who are members of the ZAZ comedy. After success with Airplane! and the Naked Guy, Leslie Nielson is back in the comedy world by starring in a television series titled Police Squad.

It all began when the film team began to realize Nielson’s talent and hard work so they did not hesitate to recruit Leslie Nielson into their project. Even to penetrate Hollywood to then print a lot of works in the form of films with characters that he played with so extraordinary. Even until his death in the year two thousand and ten then made a scene in the universe with the amount of news posted telling about the departure of Leslie Nielson. Some of his works are discussed and appreciated again.