The Three Stooges is one of the most famous comedy groups from time immemorial and comes from the United States. After the release of one of its members and becoming three personnel, it was precisely the career of The Three Stooges that rose rapidly. The decision to explore and have character in each member made this comedy group more attractive to the audience and signed a contract with Columbia Pictures. His extraordinary fame made the Three Stooges group repeatedly sign contracts with Columbia Pictures president.

Unfortunately there is a very unpleasant experience that befell them. During their career journey and with the creation of comedy films from the Three Stooges that were not small, this group never once asked for a salary increase as a reward for their hard work. For decades receiving payments that are not different which sadly at the same time the studio continued to reap huge profits from the production and distribution of films made.

What films have been made by this prominent comedy group that you should watch during your free time?

  • Soup to Nuts
    In this film Moe Howrd, Larry Fine and Shemp Howard performed together with Ted Healy and were released by Fox Film Corporation. Unfortunately in 1932, two years later, one of their members, Shemp Howard, decided to leave the group and decided to do a solo career. The emptiness was later replaced by his brother named Curly Howard. As their first film, of course you must follow the storyline from this comedian group from the United States.
  • Hello Pop!
    It is the third film out of a total of five short films starring Ted Healy and His Stoogies. The film was later released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1993. The same place also released an all-time favorite cartoon titled Tom & Jerry. The story of the film tells the story of the struggle of a later theater producer who gets a little bit of a hindrance by a musician who wants something from him.
  • Dancing Lady
    Released in 1933 was a pre-code film from America which was also starred by Joan Crawford and Clark Gable. The story of this film has an outline regarding the debut of a dancer who then had to deal with a playboy named Tod Newton, played by Franchoot Tone. In this film you will see the action of the Three Stooges members. Even Larry Fine in this film plays the character as a pianist.
  • Hollywood Party
    The Three Stooges fame even reached the Hollywood scene and made a film. Don’t ask about the quality of the film.

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