Buster Keaton is a comedian who began his career during a period of silent comedy. This comedian was born with the real name Joseph Frank Keaton on October 4, 1895. He died in 1966 of lung cancer. Keaton is also known as a film director, producer, screenwriter, and substitute actor.

During his life, Keaton had starred in many films from the time of silent comedy. He also appeared on several television series shows in the 1950’s. As a comedian, Keaton is known to have a characteristic in every movement and scene he acts. The following are Keaton’s styles that have inspired many comedians.

Buster Keaton and its distinctive features as a comedian

Keaton is known to often experiment with parody scenes. One of his parodies was The Frozen North (1922), which was a satirical work by William S. Hart such as Hell’s Hinges (1916) and The Narrow Trail (1917). The audience in the 1920’s considered Keaton’s parody acting at that time to be very funny.

But Hart, as someone who is a parody, feels unhappy with Keaton. Especially in the crying scene. He never touched Keaton for 2 years after seeing the film. In 1921, Keaton played in the film The Playhouse and became a parody of Thomas H. Ince.

A film critic, David Thomson, describes Keaton’s comedy style as someone who believes nothing but mathematics and absurdity. Meanwhile commented that Keaton is a genius actor who can keep his face flat but can express what he feels. He has big eyes and through gazes, he can convey various kinds of emotions,

Ranging from longing to distrust, as well as confusion and sadness. The body language of Buster Keaton was also realized by Anthony Lane. In the film The General, he must do a climbing scene to the locomotive and lean gently forward. Keaton can do it very well and calmly.

Keaton not only survives because he already has a face owned by Mount Rushmore. He survived because the face was attached. Keaton has a vaudeville education background. The comedy he has is known to be funny, technically precise, and can be executed wisely. He also has surprising jokes and is often seen as a background piece and a visually stunning location.

All of Keaton’s scenes and movements in his films have become the inspiration for the world of modern comedy today. Keaton has been born as a legendary comedian who is undeniably always remembered by society. Even in the days after the silent film, Keaton was still liked and still starred in several films

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